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Martin Sugg

Humanistic Counsellor

Counselling with a humanistic approach provides you with an opportunity to explore creativity, personal growth and self-development, as well as acknowledging a variety of choice.

Counselling should not be just for those who are going through a particular problem at a time in their life. The counselling I provide, which has its roots steeped in Existential theory, is for all of us who are interested in how we work and why we work in a certain manner. It can prove challenging but incredibly rewarding as my clients delve deeper into their own existence and the role they have to play in it. The client is always in charge of the sessions and has the power to stop a session anytime they like. I act as a guide that leads you through your sub and pre-consciousness and illuminate areas of your psyche that you may have repressed. Alternatively you may have been too scared to confront why you act in a certain manner.

I work mainly existentially. This approach explores what it is to be human and all the highs and lows that accompany that journey. I tend to mould my work around my client’s needs, should that be Person Centred Therapy, which allows you to direct the session where you wish. I work in a way that allows the client the space and time to explore themselves. Should it be a more confrontational or challenging need, Gestalt therapy is sometimes more apt, where we can promote a broader interactive programme to be established while being completely safe. It may push those clients to challenge themselves out of their comfort areas and push them into unchartered waters, with the desire of becoming a fully rounded human being.

All of the work I do is carried out with the clients best interests at the forefront of my mind and I would not hesitate to refer on to other specialist workers should the occasion arise. Counselling is my passion and deep love and I hope that everyone who comes to my door gets the same experience that I have had.

I will walk side by side with you on your journey. When you face the darkness you have someone beside you who bears a flame and together we can cast that light into the shadows and banish the darkness together.

I am a registered member of the The British Association for Counselling (BACP). Through its work BACP ensures that it meets its remit of public protection whilst also developing and informing its members. BACP values integrity, impartiality and respect, embraces a diverse range of counselling and psychotherapy approaches, promotes equality of opportunity and advocates accessibility for clients to counsellors.

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